Tips on iPhone 7 battery replacement

There are different ways to tell if your iPhone 7 needs a new battery. I was also a victim of wondering when I should replace my iPhone 7 battery, but I will share insights on what I did to overcome the situation.

First, I started observing signs that my iPhone 7 battery was damaged and knew that it was time to get a new battery. The indicators of battery problems for iPhone 7 are as follows:


Unexpected shutting down

You can tell that your iPhone 7 needs a new battery if it shuts down unexpectedly. This is true when your battery has a significant amount of charge left. However, you can first try to recalibrate your battery before settling to buy a new one.

You can do so by using the phone until it shuts down because of the low battery. Then plug the phone on the charger and leave it to get full. After it’s full, perform a quick reset by pressing the wake/sleep button simultaneously with the home button and the volumes button for some time until the logo icon appears on the screen.

If the simple recalibration procedure explained above does not solve your battery problem, then it’s time you acquire a new one for your iPhone 7 device.


“Unexpected Shutdown” Message Notification

Sometimes it might not be easy to get an answer to the question, “When should I replace my iPhone 7 battery” when it shuts down from your pocket or another remote location. Unlike when you are holding or using the phone, you cannot always tell if the iPhone was running on a low battery if it was in your pocket. Fortunately, the iPhone will display a message that indicates it experienced an unexpected shutdown.

When you observe this behavior a couple of times, know that it is time you replaced your battery for your iPhone.


When Should I replace my iPhone 7 battery- slowed performance?

iPhone 7 is designed to perform effectively when the battery is okay and slow when the battery is damaged; many users have complained about this feature, blaming the company for defective manufacture batteries for-profit purposes.

As a matter of fact, your iPhone 7 will be slow when the battery is damaged. Therefore, think about your battery when you notice that your phone is becoming slugging. In most cases, improving the performance issue is not emptying the memory but changing your battery.


Your phone works only when plugged into a charging port

Your iPhone 7 battery needs replacing if the phone works only when plugged into a charger. When you remove the phone from the charger, it shuts down immediately or after an unreasonable period.

Avoid the struggles and inconveniences of operating your iPhone from the charging port by purchasing a new battery. This will be very helpful when traveling or running errands in areas where you constantly need to use your phone.


Your iPhone gets too hot

You should not feel the heat when you touch or hold your iPhone 7 device. However, there are times when this might happen. When you experience this, know that your phone has a problem. Apple designs the iPhone batter in a manner that prevents the heat from recharging inside.

However, heat is expected when using the phone outside on a hot day or when you place the device on your car’s dashboard when it is hot out. However, consider replacing the battery when you do not explain the excessive heat being experienced on your iPhone.


The cost

Now that we have seen how to tell if your iPhone 7 needs a new battery and answered the question, “when should I replace my iPhone 7 battery,” it’s good to prepare financially. The preparation involves knowing how much to replace iPhone 7 is needed. Within the warranty terms and period, you will not incur a penny to replace your iPhone 7 battery. However, this has to be done strictly at an iPhone 7 care center to diagnose and determine the problem’s cause. Similarly, it is possible to replace the battery when the warranty terms have expired. On average, it will cost you an average of $79 if you need to know how much to replace the iPhone 7 battery  in the FixPod Sydney, Australia.