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We now have many competitors and there are plenty of do-it-yourself websites out there. But Fixpod is the only specialist iPod and iPhone repairer in Australia with a six month warranty on all repairs, and have the greatest experience, having completed the most repairs of any iPhone/iPod repair service in Australia. We provide the fastest service and only use experienced technicians, who will not damage your iPod or iPhone. Don’t risk it – send it in to Fixpod to have it repaired correctly, the first time!
Fixpod will not look at phones that have been opened or worked on by the home technician. If we try and fix a product that has been opened by someone previously we will not be able to guarantee the workmanship of our repair.
Fixpod take no responsibility for the data that is on any product sent to us. Before you send in your product, we ask that you back up the data on your product. This is an easy process – even if your device is jailbroken – simply plug it into iTunes, right click the device in the pane on the left, select backup from the options, and you’re all set. Apple really have made it simple to ensure you never lose any data from your phone whatsoever.
iPhone batteries generally have a life cycle of 1.5 to 2 years. After this the battery health will drop to about 80% mean you will get 20% less battery life than before. In previous iOS versions Apple has programmed the iPhone to be slowed down the performance of the phone. It would be a good choice to have the battery replaced to breathe some new life into your old phone. Combine it with a screen repair for a discounted rate on the battery.
It is recommended that your iPhone battery needs replacing when it reaches 80% or lower battery health. All our iPhone battery have the same capacity as your original battery. The cycle count of most generic batteries last about 250 cycles. Our batteries has a cycle count of up to 500 cycles meaning your battery will last longer before needing to replace.

There are a few differences between the two types of screens:

  • Brightness level (10% difference)
  • Color Tone & Vibrancy
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Glass quality
  • Thickness level
  • Warranty period (3 months vs 6 months)

Both will function the same and can do the same things however depending on the user preference they are able to choose which quality screen they want.

If your iPhone back glass is broken but you want to fix just the front screen then you will be risking a few things that can happen to your phone. At Fixpod we always offer a discount on the iPhone back glass replacement if you wish to fix the front screen also.The new front screen installed will develop a fault such as lines, damaged oled or lifting screen bezel frame. The back glass acts as a stabliser in the structure of the iPhone. Without the backglass intact, the phone or logic board will flex when its in your pocket or moving about. This will inheritantly cause issues after a few weeks or month. We do not accept these issues under our warranty policy if you choose this option as you will need to accept these risks.

Your iPhone’s water/dust resistant feature will be compromised. You will risk getting dust inside the rear camera module. If this is the case, there is no possible way to clean on the interior of the camera module, only a replacement camera will fix this issue. Liquid damaged will not be covered under our warranty policy should liquid is found inside your phone due to exposed iphone back glass.

As Apple owns the registered trade mark for the Apple logo, all our iPhone back glass & housing replacement does not have an Apple logo on it. If you require this, we recommend getting the back glass or housing fixed at an Apple store. We provide only aftermarket parts and provide third party repairs outside of Apple.

We offer a Data Recovery service for iPhone users. However the success rate depends on the type of water and the length of time since the event. We have a flat fee of $349 if successful or $49 service fee if unsuccessful. This service is for Data recovery only and will not guarantee a fully working phone afterwards, even though in some cases it maybe working fine. It is recommended that you replace this phone as liquid damaged phones will tend to have issues arise.

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