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Facing the problems related to your phone has been very common. There can be unavoidable issues with your phone. Shattered screen, malfunctioning charging points, issues with battery are some of them. Trust FIXPOD. We are a team of reliable technicians catering to all types of mobile and tablet repairs since 2008.
iPhone XS Repair
Is your iPhone XS running slow? Or, does it need a continuous charging? Or, alas! Has your phone just slipped from your hands and suffered screen damage?

Well, being the most costly of all the iPhone, you cannot let it go simply. The trained and experienced technicians from FIXPOD ensure fast and precise repair of your priced possession at a guaranteed unbeatable price.

iPhone XS Max Repair
This big screen phone from iPhone is considered as one of the finest products from APPLE, the mobile giant. Being vulnerable to screen damage and other problems, iPhone XS MAX requires instant repair to ensure you stay connected to your business. Bring to us your damaged or malfunctioning phone. We are going to ensure the best fix you ever had.

iPhone XR Repair
Be it the problem related to battery, screen, pentalobe screws, earpiece or front sensor; we have the expertise to get it done precisely. This iPhone 10R is a high-performing mobile phone meeting the entire requirement only if it is functional. With same day service, we ascertain that minor faults are repaired instantaneously. Contact our experts for the best repair and avail superior warranty on the works we cater to.

iPhone Repair
Your iPhone requires extra caution while getting a repair. We, at FIXPOD, with our proven technology and professionalism, ensure quality repair and replacement of the malfunctioning and damaged parts respectively. Right from diagnosing the fault to addressing the issue with the right kind of solution, our experts do them precisely.

iPad Repairs
When it comes to iPad repairs, we are one of the trusted and reputed specialists in Australia. Our experts have to their credit of providing the highest quality of repair and replacement irrespective of the model. From screen and battery replacement to resolving issues related to the microphone and charging port, we leave no scope to complain for our clients. Contact us now!!

Samsung Repair
Any damage to the AMOLED screen of your SAMSUNG phone requires instant attention. We, at FIXPOD, have the expertise to cater to any problem related to your Samsung phone. Irrespective of the fault, damage, or the model; we have the expertise to do it at the guaranteed low price.

iPhone Motherboard Repair
Any damage or fault to the motherboard of your iPhone is going to make your priced possession DEAD. Here, at FIXPOD we ascertain a precise solution to the problem with state of the art technology. It has helped us to bring down the cost of repair.

iPod Repairs
Still holding onto your ipod? There is no other product like it. To ensure longivity of this classic device we can breathe some life into it with battery replacement, hard drive replacement upgrade, headphone jack repair or click wheel problem or even a broken LCD. Our fixpod team has over 10 years experience in servicing the iPod.

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