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Samsung Screen Repairs

Samsung Screen Repair in Sydney with Original Parts

SAMSUNG has always ensured that it gives to its users the best of the experience of a full touchscreen. With feather-touch, HD displays, the UI of the smartphones from SAMSUNG has always remained unmatched. It has given its users the best experience they could ever have when it comes to web surfing and browsing through social media. With all these phenomenal features, the company has set the industry on fire.But, what if your prized possession suffers a sudden crack? What to do next if it falls and suffers a shatter? Get in touch with the professional company catering to immaculate, budgeted SAMSUNG screen repair.

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Amongst all the professional service providers, FIXPOD has grown as a reliable and budgeted company in Sydney. With a team of experienced and well-trained technicians, we have been able to successfully deliver the best quality of repair and replacement that our clients have been expecting from us.Get in touch with us for the budgeted and fastest SAMSUNG screen repair in Sydney.

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  • Fastest turnaround times
  • Walk-in repairs are completed on the spot
  • All mail in repairs are completed within 24 hours
  • Six month warranty on all repairs
  • Fastest service
  • Experienced technicians
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Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone Repair
Model Price
Galaxy S7 $149.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S8 $199.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S8 Plus $199.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S9 $249.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S9 plus $259.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S10e $299.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S10 $349.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S10 Plus $349.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S10 5G $369.00 Book A Repair
Note 4 $129.00 Book A Repair
Note 5 $149.00 Book A Repair
Note 8 $259.00 Book A Repair
Note 9 $299.00 Book A Repair
Note 10 $349.00 Book A Repair
Note 10 plus $389.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S6 $179.00 Book A Repair
Galaxy S7 Edge $189.00 Book A Repair
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