The Best Solution for the Green or White Screen of an iPhone XS Max

Are you currently witnessing a white or green iPhone XS Max screen? This means that the display has some functional problems, and you need to get it fixed without wasting any more of your precious time. If your device had problems with some other parts, you could have waited some time before getting them repaired. But since it is the screen, wasting time means keeping yourself blind until you get it repaired. So, instead of staying blind for days, consider fixing the issue now and reviving your iPhone XS Max. Opt for professional iPhone repair near you, as the technicians there are your first and last hope.

You should do your research quickly before it gets too late. But if you think that you are capable of fixing the problem with your iPhone screen by yourself, you can attempt to do so. However, before proceeding, make sure to learn how to do it. Below is the solution for a green or white iPhone XS Max screen elaborated in steps, so you can proceed step by step without getting confused:

Preparing the Device

Switch off your phone completely, and then carefully remove all the screws holding the back cover. Once this is done, make sure to gently detach the cover and disconnect the battery. This is the preparation stage, and you need to do it in a good manner in order to ensure that your iPhone is free of all kinds of trouble.

Locating the Problem Area

Properly inspect the back of the screen and check for soldering points. When you find them, make sure to check whether they have been detached or damaged. Then, get ready with the right fixation technique and tools.

Identifying the Jumper Points

You need to then find the two points that need to be connected with a jumper. If you find it challenging to recognise these points, make sure to check their proximity to the damaged area. This way, it can be easy for you to find them at a glance and proceed further with the iPhone XS Max screen repair process.

Soldering the Jumper

Make sure to heat up the soldering iron before doing anything else. Once the iron has been adequately heated, solder a thin piece of insulation wire between the identified pointers in a careful manner. During this time, ensure that you don’t excessively heat up the iron and that the connection is completely secure. If you don’t do this, other components in your iPhone XS Max can be damaged.

Testing and Reassembling

Once everything is done, reconnect the battery, reattach the back cover, and switch on your iPhone in a careful manner. If you do this in an appropriate manner, you can ensure that the green or white screen issue is resolved.

While you can fix your iPhone screen by yourself, it is never recommended that you perform the task on your own. Since you don’t have the expertise to do so, your techniques may cause problems for other components of your device. So, it’s best for you to reach out to the best team of technicians near you. This way, you can also count on the best iPhone XS Max back glass replacement services if you require them at any time.

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