Broken Older iPhone Screen

Is It Possible to Fix a Broken Older iPhone Screen?


Did you just drop your iPhone? Now, you’re left with shattered glass, and what seems like a spider’s cobweb is sending a cold chill down your spine.

The bad thing is, you’ll have to shelve quite a lot, especially if it’s an older iPhone (as parts can be pricey). The good thing on the other hand is, that iPhone XS Max screen repair is possible from a certified mobile repair centre.

Well, guess now you’re left with very few choices. You can’t open your phone; the screen is not responding, and it is even worse if there are green or blue lines on the screen. Since you can’t connect it to WiFi or charging is “locked out”, all you are left with is to fix the damn thing. If not, replace it. In this blog, we’ll discuss the things you can do if you face such a tragedy:

Find Out if the Cracked Screen is Repairable 

Drop your iPhone XS Max at a mobile repair centre. Ask a certified mechanic if the screen can be repaired. Fingers crossed – expect a YES!

If you’re lucky enough, the professionals will find out the suitable repairs necessary in this case. Behold – it might take more time more time than usual, considering it’s an older model you’re using. No wonder, you need genuine iPhone parts. So, look for a company that offers genuine iPhone XS Max screen repair.

This begs the question, what if it’s the back glass?

What to Do if the Back Glass is Broken?

Ever since the iPhone X series launched, the simpler and more durable aluminium back was replaced with a glass counterpart. And, with that came the fear creeping up, what if the back glass gets shattered from an accidental fall? However, there’s still some hope for you left.

The iPhone XR back glass replacement is still possible. You need to carry it to an authorised repair shop near you. However, it is always recommended to put on an armoured case and protective glass to save your phone from breaking like a glass castle! But all’s well does not always end well.

You can still be facing significant damages to your iPhone glass back on account of uncertainties. So, the best you can do at this point is to stop the spread of crack and prevent it from getting worse.

Facing The Dilemma: A New Screen Vs. A New Phone

In the case of older iPhone models, the users are often tempted to upgrade to a newer iPhone rather than face the hassle of replacing the screen or the back glass. But keep in mind that even though the iPhone XS Max screen repair is costly, it comes nowhere close to buying a newer phone. Thus, if you need quality repairs, you need to rely only on experts.

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