Water Damage iPhone Repairs

Ways How Professionals Repair a Water Damaged iPhone

Damage from water is quite common when it comes to iPhones, and the only way to fix the device is to visit a repairer. If you are in Sydney and have dropped your iPhone in a puddle of water, better not wait and take the device to your local technician.

Now, we will delve into the ways how the technicians repair the iPhones that experience water damage.

1) Basic Steps

When you take your iPhone to a technician providing iPhone repairs, he will first inspect your device. After that, he will remove the sim card so that he can move to the next step. Also, removing the sim card is essential as it helps protect it from damages. Then, the technician will remove the screws that are attached at the bottom of your iPhone and on the right and left of the charging port.

2) Removal of the Front Cover and the Battery

In the next step, the professional will use a suction cup for removing the front cover of the device, and after taking out the front cover carefully using the equipment, the technician will remove the battery using a screwdriver.

For repairing water damages, removing the battery needs to be done so that the cable connectors can be removed.

3) Removing the Connectors and Logic Board

iPhone screen and water damage repaircarefully remove them before they can remove the logic board inside.

For the removal process, the professionals providing iPhone repairs in Sydney will use the necessary tool such as a high-quality screwdriver.

4) Using Alcohol to Remove Residue from the Logic Board

Next, the technicians will soak the logic board of your water damaged iPhone in isopropyl alcohol to remove the residue on the surface of the logic board. After soaking, they will use a brush to remove the residue and leave it to dry to prevent further damages that can occur when it will be turned on.

5) Using Alcohol to Wipe the LCD

Now the technicians providing the iPhone screen and water damage repair will use alcohol to wipe the LCD. They will do this to remove the residue on the surface of the LCD. Also, they will not soak the entire screen of your iPhone as that may cause permanent damages to the LCD.

6) Drying the Components

After all of these have been completed, the professionals will dry the components before they can reassemble your device. For this, they might use a drier or they can just let it dry out naturally. It depends from technician to technician.

7) Reassembling Your Device

Now, the technicians will reassemble your device step by step. For this, they will use the screwdriver again and other tools as necessary.

8) Turning On the Power of Your iPhone

Finally, the professional will turn on the power of your iPhone and if all the steps were carefully followed, your device will work normally again.

Thus, by following these steps the technicians repair iPhones that are damaged by water.

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