Tips to Fix a Water or Liquid Damaged iPhone

You might have accidentally dropped your iPhone in the water. Right now, you may want to dry the phone. This includes assessing it, damage fixing, and data recovery. This will take your device to its proper place. After screens smash, water becomes the second factor facing iPhone damage. The following tips will guide you in recovering your damaged phone.

Immediate Action

Get the iPhone out of the water immediately. Avoid plugging it. If it is already plugged in, carefully unplug it. Avoid turning it on to avoid short-circuiting. If the wet iPhone is in the case, remove it together with the SIM card. Water can easily linger in the crannies and nooks. Use a soft cloth or towel to wipe off the liquid to everything reachable. Turn the iPhone upside down as you gently shake it to clear sockets and the ports.

Power the Wet iPhone off

Powering off is essential as it avoids short-circuit, which in a way causes long-term damage. However, if the phone is already off, leave it that way. Avoid temptations of looking whether it still works. Yes, it might respond and then stop forever simply because you took a glance.


However, if your iPhone is on, you are therefore looking for two different options. The first is to power down, ensuring that the operating system and the screen briefly wake up before you switch it off. Secondly, leave the phone in sleep mode, hoping you are not notified.


You can decide on any of the two, but I will recommend switching off the gadget. But if you are lucky enough for an Airplane mode when the phone fall and feel confident that nothing else will wake your phone in the next forty-eight hours, the option of leaving it alone will be the best.

Drying iPhone Using Uncooked Rice

At this point, we want to draw out the much possible interior water. Strictly avoid the temptation of heat treatment or using a hairdryer. This heat damages the internal components of the phone permanently. Instead, use a non-heat fan as advised by various users of the iPhone.


For you to get them out of the interior of the iPhone, you require a desiccant. Many people prefer uncooked rice. They advise owners to put the damp iPhone in a large bowl wholly covered, leaving it for forty-eight hours or so. The rice effectively absorbs the moisture.

Silica Gel drying of iPhone

This option is better than uncooked rice. The silica gel packets coming with the components of little electronic gives you a better opportunity. This is especially if they are shipped from humid climate countries. You require enough to cover the iPhone fully.

These gels are purchased from the handbag and the craft shops. In case they mind your sachet fish out, ask the staff. You will find it zipped in every interior pocket of the handbag. Silica gels dry a damp iPhone efficiently and less messy way compared to rice. However, give your gadget forty-eight hours for complete drying.

Dismantle the iPhone

With this application, you can confidently do DIY iPhone repairs. It is the best way while dealing with a wet iPhone. Unscrew the screws at the bottom to access the parts in the interior. This will automatically invalidate coverage of any warranty you were given. In addition, your DIY will likely risk your gadget to extreme damage rather than repairing it. However, it is an effective way of drying from deep within the phone.


Removal of the battery minimizes short circuit potentials. This will allow you to get out the water from the internal crannies and nooks. Use a soft dry cloth to dry the interior in the gentle way possible. However, I will not recommend this method as it can end up worsening the whole thing. Let it be the last option after all the other approaches fail.


It is good to understand how to take the right measures against water damage on your iPhone. In this article, we have seen that Removal of the phone from the water is the first step in the drying process. You should then remove the battery if it is removable and the SIM card. Lastly, you should apply the drying process of your choice as explained above.