How much is iPhone repair & how long does take

Everything in the world is affected by the gravity of law. It doesn’t matter how carefully you use your iPhone. It can be fell from your hand, or it may face any other accidental falls. What’s next? This kind of unwanted accident may cause several troubles to your phones, such as a cracked screen or water damage. Don’t panic! You can fix all these issues if you consult an expert take help from him. Because your iPhone needs professional care in this type of situation. Otherwise, you’ll get really annoyed by using your favorite iPhone.

iPhone screen repair north sydney


We offer repair services for all kind of Apple models like iPhone 6,6plus,6s,6s Plus,iPhone 7,7plus,iPhone 8,8plus,iPhone X,iPhone 11,11 Pro.No matter which model you use; it’s going to work like a new one after it gets repaired.

We always offer high-quality customized service to fix different types of repair issues like Water damage, Dead Battery, Camera repair, Cracked Screen, Motherboard, and even Dead Mobile Repair.

#Water damage may cause some serious issues with the internal circuitry of the phone. Depending on the phone condition we will give you the best possible service.

#How will it feel if your iPhone camera stops working? Just bring the phone to us; our team will find out a quick solution, and you’ll be able to capture beautiful pictures again.

#If you’re not getting any response of power key in your phone despite charging it, it indicates several problems in the battery, software, and motherboard. We also fix these types of problems. After repair, your phone will be able to hold it’s charge for a long period of time.

#Cracked screen is one of the most common problems that customers face. We fix all types of display issues. Have you dropped your iPhone and damaged the entire LCD screen? In that case, you’ll see blurry pixel lines or some inked spots. The entire screen may appear completely white or black if the screen gets damaged too badly. You may also see some more problems like Dual Images(also called “ghosting”) and no touch response or a lack of touch in certain areas. These are the clear signs you have a defective or damaged screen.

Instead of throwing away a fixable phone, please bring it to us. We are always committed to giving you the best possible iPhone screen replacement at an affordable price. Our professional team always uses high-quality plastic opening tools, disassemble guide, and special adhesive strips to work on iPhone screen replacement. We do not sell any kind of used or refurbished parts to our customers.

We are always mercurial to use quality-tested parts to ensure compatibility with your device. Only high-trained professionals will touch your device so that you can get our best screen replacement service as an affordable alternative to buying a new phone.

We always use the best tools of the market for installing a new screen with perfection. We believe that you’ll get your phone in the best working condition as we repair it. We also sell many accessories like iPhone charger, case, and repair tools to assist you with replacing any damaged part.

FAQ about our iPhone screen replacement service

Q1-What is the iPhone screen replacement cost?

Well, an iPhone screen replacement may cost 129$ to 329$ depending on the condition of the damaged phone and the quality of the part you choose. However, if your iPhone is still under the Apple warranty, some of the damages could be repaired at free of cost.

Q2.How long does this process take?

Again, it’s up to your iPhone’s condition. But usually, it takes 30-45 minutes to fix this problem.

#Insider tips: don’t put much pressure on the screen for 48-72 hours after replacing the iPhone screen.

#Warningঃ1.FaceID of iPhone X and above models will not work after replacing the “Ear speaker Unit”.

2.Motherboard replacement of any iPhone will not recognize the device with its original IMEI number on the Apple server.

#We believe that we are a one-stop destination for your phone repair. We have a very expert and professional team.

All you need to do is book an appointment by contacting us. We promise us that there won’t be any distressing waiting issues.