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Things You Should Do Before Taking Your iPad for a Repair in Sydney

If your iPad is not working normally, you will need to take it your nearest repairing centre in Sydney. But before you take the device for repairs, you will need to do a few simple things to keep the data on the iPad secure. So, we will discuss them here in detail.

However, please note that you will only be able to do the following things if the screen of your iPad is working normally. Otherwise, you will have no other option but to hand it over to your repairer without following the important procedures that we are going to discuss here now.

Taking Data Backup

To take a backup of the data of your iPad before handing it over to the technician providing the iPad repair in Sydney, you will need to use iCloud that is already installed in your device. To take the backup you will need to go to your device’s ‘Settings’ option and from there choose the iCloud option. If you see that the iCloud backup is turned on, it’s good. Otherwise, you will have to manually turn it on. However, you can also take a manual backup of your device by tapping the ‘Back up now’ button underneath. This will create a backup of all the files in your device to Apple’s cloud server. But before you can start the backup, make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Formatting Your iPad

After you have taken the backup of all the data in your device, it is now time for erasing the data that is present in the physical memory of your device. You might ask why we are recommending this.

The reason that we are doing so is to keep your data safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Though retrieving data from an iPad is tough, yet you should follow this step as technology is getting sophisticated day by day, and a repairer with bad intentions might use sophisticated technology to extract your personal data from the device during or after the repair for a variety of purposes.

Anyway, to format (the process of erasing all data) your iPad, you will need to go to the ‘Settings’ option and then head over to the ‘General’ category and tap on the ‘Reset’ option to erase everything on your device before handing your device to the iPad repair company in Sydney.

Enabling the Activation Lock Setting

This is a nifty feature that enhances the security of your iPad. You just need to head over to the ‘iCloud settings and turn on the ‘find my iPad’ option. This prevents anyone other than you to use your device. When anyone tries to reactivate your device, they will require the Apple ID and password.

Find a Reliable Repair Company

Before handing your device for repairing, you will need to find out whether the company providing the iPad repair service in Sydney is trustworthy. To do this you will need to call up the company and ask them the questions all the relevant questions and notice how they are responding. Also, check for online reviews to learn more about the quality of the service.

So, as you can see that these are a few steps that you can follow easily. We recommend that you do each of these to keep your data safe.

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