How to fix iPhone touch disease

Grey Bar appears on iphone commonly known as the touch disease.
iPhone “Touch Disease” – Do you have it and what can be done.

iPhone “Touch Disease” is a problem that has now plagued apple products for several years. This problem causes the touch screen of your Apple Device to become partially or completely unresponsive. The screen may also register inputs when not touched and can render an otherwise healthy device unusable. According to Apple Insider,in the past this problem has accounted for up to 11% of repairs at apple stores. So what causes touch disease and how can it be fixed?

What Causes this Problem:

The dreaded touch disease is the result of a poor connection between the “touch IC” chip and the main logic board of the device. This failure can be caused if the phone is bent or dropped and the touch IC becomes disconnected.

How do I know if I have this problem?

If your phone displays the following features then you may have touch disease.

Screen is partially or completely unresponsive to touch
Phone has a noticable bend – Grey/white boxes sometime appear at the top of the phone screen.
iPhone 6 plus model has a high risk of having the touch disease.
What can I do if my screen is not responsive?

If you screen is non-responsive the first method you can try is to reset your phone.

Step 1) Hard reset the iphone. (hold volume down + power button) for 10 seconds until the screen turns off. Then hold the power button to turn on again.

Step 2) Let go of both buttons when the screen is blank then hold the power button again until the phone turns on.
If the problem persists after this process then your device may have touch disease. The next option available to you is to seek a professional that is qualified in logic board micro soldering and screen replacement. At Fixpod we can diagnose the problem with your phone and provide a quick repair solution. We accept nation wide mail in repair service as well as walk-in repairs. If this applies to you, you are welcome to book in a repair to get a free quote HERE