How to fix iPhone 7/7+ audio ic microphone or loudspeaker issue

Apple insider has reported that Apple has been involved in class actions against them due to the so called iphone 7 “audio disease”, an issue which causes audio problems on affected iphones causing microphone, loudspeaker or headphones not to work and in some cases boot looping on the Apple logo unable to boot up. While Apple suggests that if the phone is under warranty they are instructed to swap the phone. However this issue is beginning to become an epidemic amongst iphone users that is experiencing the issue out of warranty.

How to check if you have this issue with your phone?

Check list:

  • While on call check if your loud speaker function has been grayed out
  • Open the voice memo app and see if it says “recording failed – no audio devices found”.
  • Check if headphones work.
  • Call a friend and ask if they can hear you.
  • After restarting the phone it gets stuck on the Apple logo.
  • If you experience one or more of those symptoms mentioned above you may have an “audio disease”.

The issue has been identified by a poor connection between the ‘audio IC’ chip on the main logic board by our team at Fixpod. The solder paste between the chip and the logic board has cracked off and is making intermittent or no connection. To fix this issue permanently the audio IC chip must be replaced by a qualified technician as this repair requires a high degree of difficulty and precision. Furthermore an additional jump wire must be soldered on to permanently make good connection in case the chip becomes loose again.

How to temporary fix the audio issue on the iphone?

Step 1) Hard reset the iphone. (hold volume down + power button) for 10 seconds until the screen turns off. Then hold the power button to turn on again.

Step 2) Once you see the apple logo press firm on the area indicated below. Keep holding until the phone turns on then you can let go.

If the above method does not fix it, you may require to seek a professional that’s qualified in microsoldering on logic boards. At Fixpod we accept nation wide mail in repair service as well as walk-in repairs. If this applies to you, you are welcome to book in a repair to get a free quote HERE