iPhone 6 Screen Repair and Replacement Sydney : Cost and Service Center

Repair Fault Repair Cost Repair Time
iPhone 6 Screen Repair $79 30 min
iPhone 6 plus Screen Repair $89 30 min

On the fixpod for all iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus screen repair and replacement services. Repair while you wait or grab a coffee while our trusted technicians replace your screen.

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Reliable and Budgeted iPhone 6 Screen Repair Service in Sydney CBD
Do you own an iPhone and accidentally got its screen broken? Got a reliable center where you can have it fixed?
No? -Well, bank on the iPhone screen repair services in Sydney CBD by FIXPOD.
We are the one-stop shop catering to professional and budgeted repairs such as iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 & iPhone X screen repairs in areas of Broadway, Glebe, Newtown and Sydney CBD.

How do you replace the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus Screen by yourself?
All kind of repair process is extremely serious level work and its has no deference iPhone 6 series or other model of apple phone. so be careful in every step when you gonna to do it by yourself. there is 6 step process involve screen replacement for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus model.

Step 1: Test The Functionality
Before any repair all of the principal functions are analyzed to ensure there aren’t any pre-existing difficulties.
The unit is powered off to avoid any brief circuiting throughout the dismantle. Both base pentalobe screws are removed, therefore the meeting can be detached in the aluminum framework.
Step 2: Detach Flex Cables & Remove The Screen
The alloy bend cable panel is removed to expose the screen, touch sensor and module bend wires and are detached from the main board. At this stage the display has been separated out of the framework
Step 3: Remove Top Flex Cables & Components
The earpiece protective metal cage is eliminated and heat is applied to the surface of screen to loosen the adhesive that bonds front camera, mic and flex sensor assembly into the plastic framework, this meeting is completely detached.
Step 4: Remove Home Button Flex Cable
The LCD and house button metallic backing plates are eliminated and the home bend cable is detached in the connector.
Step 5: Reassemble Components
The metal plates are inserted on the brand new part and reassembled. Ahead of the assembled device is inserted back in the aluminium frame, the unit is powered to check each of the principal functions. This evaluation is repeated once when completed and completely constructed.
Step 6: Install Screen Protector & Prevent Future Damage
Finally, to attempt to stop this from occurring again, installing a tempered glass protector is almost always a fantastic idea. The guards really from basic to superior armour. Use a microfiber fabric to guarantee the display surface is completely clean until you put in the glass. You only get one shot and if you mess this up, it belongs in the bin. You might even use an alcohol swab to guarantee any natural oils can also be eliminated.