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  • iPhone cannot update.
  • iPhone won't charge
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  • Touch screen problems

Same Day Replacement of iPhone XR back glass in Sydney by Accredited Experts

Do you think that the back glass of your iPhone XR is there for enhancing the look of your gadget? If so, you are only partially correct. Yes, the back glass does add a chic look and feel to your iPhone, but it has more important things to do! It saves your gadget from water damage, its spare parts from the dust & dirt and damage inflicted by falls and knocks. Thus, if the back glass of your iPhone XR is damaged or cracked, do not continue using it. Have it replaced at the earliest by a qualified technician? If you are in and around Sydney, get your iPhone XR to none other than Fixpod. Yes! With more than 12 years of experience and with some of the best skilled & qualified techies, we are the most dependable names, offering same-day iPhone XR back glass replacement in and around Sydney.

Why should you bank on us for replacing iPhone XR back glass in Sydney?

  • All our technicians are not only experienced, they are well conversant in fixing issues of every iPhone model, the early and the latest ones, including iPhone XR.
  • We would guarantee same-day screen and back glass replacement service in every iPhone, provided there is no other underlying issue
  • We offer a 6 months warranty when we replace iPhone XR back glass in Sydney.
  • We also offer mail-in repair option, which we complete in 24 hours.
  • We are a fully insured company
If all these do not make Fixpod your automatic choice for replacing iPhone XR back glass, what else will?

Book an appointment now if the back glass of your iPhone XR is broken

Do not delay and expose your iPhone XR to damage, if its back glass is broken. Dial us now, to fix an appointment with our techie and have it replaced in a jiffy.
Contact us Now for an instant repair. We would provide you with the no obligation quote. Call us now @ 0422 300 400.