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Warranty Policy

You’re in safe hands.

All repairs come with three to  six month warranty, starting from the date of repair, covering the parts and labour for the work completed. This warranty is invalidated by any subsequent liquid damage or impact damage. Warranty Conditions & Policies Apply*.

Repair Notice 

The repair of your goods may result in the loss of any user-generated data. Please ensure that you have made a copy of any data saved on your goods. Fixpod will not be held responsible for any damage or claims as a result.

*Warranty Policies for screen replacement repairs

What is covered? 

Partial/Full Frame lift

Blank Screen (with no signs of internal damage below the glass layer)

Lines (no obvious signs of screen abuse)

iphone warranty

Bad touch/no touch on the screen

What is not covered?

Broken glass on screen

Broken LCD screen

The underlying LCD/OLED layer maybe broken despite the glass still being intact.

Black discoloration on LCD screen

The underlying LCD/OLED layer maybe broken despite the glass still being intact.

Samsung S10 bad display due to impact point on the OLED from the black dot on the edge despite glass fully intact.

Display distortion

Compromised Repair (Warning)

Warranty will not apply to any front screen damage (visible or not visible) that has indirectly or directly cause by the broken back glass of a phone where the structural rigidity of the phone has been compromised despite given verbal and/or written disclaimer that has been made by Fixpod before the repair has commenced. User must understand Fixpod cannot give warranty to any repair where the user chooses to not repair a critical part of the device whilst having just the front screen repaired. At Fixpod we warn that with a compromised back glass, elements of water and dust may seep inside as well as bending of the phone may occur resulting to damage to the front screen or other parts of the phone. We offer a discount on combined front & back glass repairs, please call Fixpod for more info.

Water damaged/Rust

Fixpod will not accept any warranty for parts Fixpod has installed which has signs of corrosion/rust. Corrosion/rust are commonly caused by water or high humidity which may permeate through water resistant phones. All repairs at Fixpod cannot guarantee the original manufacturer’s initial water rating after the repair has been made.


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