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Laser Engraving
This Laser Engraving Service can be done on most handheld devices including Phones, iPods, Pens and other small objects made from metal, plastic or wood.
This service can only be done on objects smaller than 20 CM x 8 CM. Engraving for Tablets & Laptops are not yet available.

Laser Engraving Service duration:

  • Engrave Your Message - Same Day Service
  • Engrave your Photo & Message - Overnight Service
  • Engrave Custom Logo & Design - 1-2 Days Service
Disclaimer: Not all photos can be laser engraved as this will depend on the quality of the image. Not all material surface can be engraved and will be up to our discretion to accept. By agreeing to our Laser Engraving Service you agree to accept all risk involved to the object being engraved and we shall not be held responsible for any damages caused as a result.
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