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Laser Engraving Service


Laser Engraving Service

At Fixpod, we have come up with the option to provide exclusive and personalised laser engraving service for all iPhone models, iPad and iPods at a competitive price. Our fully customised laser engraving provides you the option of adding a custom message to your new AirPods.

To add to your surprise, Apple has recently started offering custom laser engraving for Apple pencil. It will allow you to add text located towards the end and more specifically on the flat edge. Even if you want to add a more personalised touch to your device, you can have your name engraved, thereby, making it a perfect piece to gift your beloved.

At Fixpod, we provide exclusive laser engraving service on most handheld devices including iPhones, iPods, Pens and any other small object made of metal, plastic or wood at a very nominal price. Our laser engraving service duration is as follows:

  • For Engraving A Message: Same Day Service
  • For Engraving Photo & Message: Overnight Service
  • For Engraving Custom Logo & Design: 1-2 Days at the Max.

Disclaimer: Not all photos can be laser engraved as this will depend on the quality of the image. Not all material surface can be engraved and will be up to our discretion to accept. By agreeing to our Laser Engraving Service, you agree to accept all risk involved in the object being engraved and we shall not be held responsible for any damages caused as a result.

Australia's Expert Laser Engraving Service
  • Fastest turnaround times
  • Walk-in repairs are completed on the spot
  • All mail in repairs are completed within 24 hours
  • Six month warranty on all repairs
  • Fastest service
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Laser Engraving Service Prices
Model Price Type
Mobile Phones $30.00 Engrave Your Message Book A Repair
Pen $30.00 Engrave Your Message Book A Repair
Mobile Phones $49.00 Engrave Your Photo & Message Book A Repair
Pen $49.00 Engrave Your Photo & Message Book A Repair
Mobile Phones $99.00 Engrave Custom Logo & Design Book A Repair
Pen $99.00 Engrave Custom Logo & Design Book A Repair

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