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We have the fastest turnaround times of any repairer in Australia, as evidenced by the positive reviews on the Whirlpool internet forum and our Google Maps page. All mail in repairs are completed within 24 hours, with most completed on the same day they arrive, and many walk-in repairs are completed on the spot. We really do pride ourselves on our excellent turnaround times.

We now have many competitors and there are plenty of do-it-yourself websites out there. But Fixpod is the only specialist iPod and iPhone repairer in Australia with a six month warranty on all repairs, and have the greatest experience, having completed the most repairs of any iPhone/iPod repair service in Australia. We provide the fastest service and only use experienced technicians, who will not damage your iPod or iPhone. Don't risk it - send it in to Fixpod to have it repaired correctly, the first time!

Fixpod will not look at phones that have been opened or worked on by the home technician. If we try and fix a product that has been opened by someone previously we will not be able to guarantee the workmanship of our repair.

Fixpod take no responsibility for the data that is on any product sent to us. Before you send in your product, we ask that you back up the data on your product. This is an easy process - even if your device is jailbroken - simply plug it into iTunes, right click the device in the pane on the left, select backup from the options, and you're all set. Apple really have made it simple to ensure you never lose any data from your phone whatsoever.

We will only send your original iPod/iPhone back.

We get asked this all the time on our Facebook page - because we sell official carrier unlocks and not software hacks, what firmware and baseband you have is unimportant - we can unlock ALL firmwares and basebands (including 04.11.08, 04.12.02, 05.16.05 etc), now and new ones which come out in the future. The only important question we have is 'what network is your iPhone locked to'.

  • IMEI-based permanent sim unlock for all iPhone models, all basebands and firmware covered
  • Apple Unlock using iTunes - warranty remains valid
  • Permanent - always upgrade to the latest version of iOS
  • No need to jailbreak - once you've made your purchase you simply connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock and be able to use any sim card worldwide

We provide an Official, Permanent, Apple unlock that remove any network restrictions your iPhone may have by marking your handset as unlocked in Apple's IMEI database. It allows you to use your handset on any network worldwide. We provide this unlock for all iPhone models running all firmware versions, and there is no need to jailbreak. Because this unlock is official and does not require a clumsy "jailbreak", it means you can safely update the OS on your handset at any time, and sync your device with your computer without fear of Apple removing your unlock.

It is particularly useful having an unlocked handset when you go travelling abroad: just pop a local sim in and pick up emails without incurring an extortionate bill when you get home, as roaming rates are around $3.00 per MB if you keep your original sim in whilst travelling! This means every email is costing you around $1.00 to receive.... with a local sim, data will be free. Our unlocking service also backs that up with amazing aftersales support from our store in Broadway, NSW.

We can factory unlock any iPhone, from iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and the new iPhone 5. Our unique unlock supports ALL bootloaders, basebands, and firmwares as we do not unlock using software, we factory unlock using Apple's IMEI database.

No - ANY sim card will unlock your iPhone once your unlock is processed.

Again - an emphatic no. Once we have emailed you, you can unlock your handset in ANY country, regardless of where it was purchased, just by connecting it to iTunes.

NO. You do it all from the comfort of your home. The whole service is remote, once your IMEI is marked as unlocked by ourselves you simply connect your iPhone to iTunes for unlocking.

Many iPhone unlocking sites out there are scam websites - anyone selling you software to unlock an iPhone is at best selling you a jailbreak which will not sim unlock your handset, and at worst selling you a virus. Software cannot sim unlock iPhones! Our unlocks are official ones done through iTunes, this is the ONLY way to sim unlock an iPhone. Please don't be caught out, if someone is willing to lie to you to get your money, they are not going to refund you either (despite claims of money back guarantees etc).

Our unlock works in any situation - with an iPhone straight out the box (never activated), one already activated using iTunes or iCloud, or one which has been freshly restored.

We would like to assure all of our website visitors that we would never provide an illegal service. Before starting our service, extensive research was carried out into the current international laws regarding mobile devices. Unlocking a mobile phone so that it will accept alternative network SIM cards is legal. All mobile phones are manufactured to accept any SIM card. It is consumers legal right to have their phone unlocked.

In terms of legality of our service, the full Oftel 2002 SIM-lock position paper specifies that there is no SIM locking law in the UK; the regulator wants only "consumer awareness" - which means it is totally legal to unlock your iPhone.

In the USA, a recent recommendation by the comission set up to monitor and update the DMCA exempts the reverse engineering of firmware for unlocking purposes from the stringent copyright language of the DMCA. This has effectively made unlocking software completely legal in the USA for a duration of 3 years, after which the decision will be reviewed. The DMCA's report exempting unlock software can be found at this document from the US Copyright Office:http://www.copyright.gov/1201/docs/1201_recommendation.pdf

The networks have to provide you with an unlock code if you request it, but they do charge much more than us.

No problem. Please email us your imei number to repairs@fixpod.com.au. We can then do an IMEI lookup for your handset which will tell you what network the handset was originally locked to, whether it is officially unlocked, the serial number of the handset and how much warranty is left on the device. Make sure you know exactly which network it is locked to as no refunds will be given if the wrong network is submitted.

Depends on your network - it varies between 6 hours and 10 days for some unlocks. Unlocks are processed during normal working hours (Monday to Friday). If you order an unlock during weekend it will be delayed till Monday.

Once you receive your email to confirm that your handset is unlocked, for the iPhone simply connect it to iTunes which will complete the unlock.

No - Fixpod in no way will unblock a blocked IMEI number.