With ten years experience and 100,000 happy customers, Sydney trusts Fixpod

Why Choose Us

Quality. Unmatched.
Hundreds of repairs every week from around the country have allowed us to turn our repairs into an exact science. 10,000 customers would agree.

We take pride in our work to make sure every job is completed to the highest possible standards, and that each customer is treated as a valued client.

We think you’ll be amazed by our service, the precision of our repairs and our affordability. We’ve done everything we can to make repairing your iPhone or iPod as convenient as can be

The highest quality Repairs. See and feel the difference.
The only way to ensure a perfect result every time is to use parts in the repairs we offer. They’re more expensive, but have a quality and reliability that cannot be replicated.

The team at Fixpod is proud to offer industry leading warranties on all repairs and ensure every iPhone and iPod that is returned to its owner is as perfect and reliable as when it was taken out of its box for the very first time.

Fixed in a flash. To get you back on track.
Having completed over 10,000 repairs, we have the parts, the equipment and the expertise to have your repair completed quickly, as well as to our exacting standards.

For workshop repairs, many repairs are completed on the spot, with all repairs being completed within 30 minutes.

For mail-in repairs, all repairs are fixed as soon as they arrive, and shipped back the same day. There really is no need to be without your iPhone or iPod when repairs are this convenient.

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