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Device selected : iPod Touch 4/5

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4th Generation Front Screen (inc. LCD)

The highest quality repair available
6 month warranty

What makes our repair so special?

Broken glass and display assembly? At Fixpod, we have the solution. Our technicians have the skill required to replace the complete screen assembly perfectly, every time. This means a perfect fit flush with the bezel, and a perfectly flush home key, which is crucial for a quality repair. Please note, we use high quality non-Apple parts. Apple does not directly supply parts, and we are in no way affiliated with Apple.

At the same time we also replace the plastic midframe that the screen is stuck to, and ensure a perfect seal around the edge. This is the only way to stop dust from getting back in over time, so it will keep looking great long after it has been returned.

So you can be sure that when you get your iPod back it will function perfectly, and continue to do so. We guarantee it.


bullet Broken front glass
bullet or Touch screen unresponsive
bullet or Bad picture


Fixed. Guaranteed.

We understand that trusting a repairer is more than just the cost of the repair. You rely on your device, and with that in mind, we provide the fastest turnaround, the highest quality and the best customer service we can. We really do appreciate your trust in having your device serviced by us.

Our focus on quality alex

Fixpod Price   $79      Choose your repair option below

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   +  Fastest repair turnaround
   +  SMS and email updates
   +  Registed post for $10 or
       Express post for $15
   +  No Payments until AFTER
       repair completion.       

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Come visit our workshop at
257 Broadway, Glebe with no
appointment necessary.
Repairs are usually
completed within 30 minutes!

Speak with a Technican

if you have a complicated repair, or if you'd like to simply discuss your repair with us, please feel free to call us on 1300 FIXPOD. You'll speak with a tech who understands repair, and we can give you the best advice possible.

Or click here to request a call back at a convenient time

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