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Virgin Network Unlock

Permanent Network Factory Unlock
Lifetime warranty

What makes our unlock so special?

Going overseas? Changing networks? At Fixpod, we unlock your
phone allowing you to use any SIM on any network in the world.
Our service has a lifetime guarantee that your phone will be
permanently unlocked, after we update your phone with the
Apple unlock servers.

Unlike other websites, we require no "Jailbreaking" or software
modification. Our method unlocks your phone remotely from our
end, so you don't even need to bring or send your phone in!

How it works

- All we require is your phones's IMEI number
- Our method does not require you to "Restore & Update", so you
do not lose precious data. Simply Plug & Unlock via iTunes after
we have unlocked at our end.
- We notify you by email and SMS as soon as your unlock has been completed (average 24-48 hour turnaround).


Unlocked. Guaranteed.

We understand there are many people out there selling jailbreaks, software modifications, and outright lies, so we appreciate the trust you are placing in us by choosing us to facilitate your factory unlock. With over 10,000 unlocks we have completed for our satisfied customers, you can be assured you are dealing with a reputable Australian business, and your unlock process will be as smooth as possible.

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if you have a complicated repair, or if you'd like to simply discuss with us, please feel free to call us on 1300 FIXPOD. You'll speak with a tech who understands the repair and will give you the best advice possible.

Or click here to request a call back at a convenient time

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