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Frequently asked questions.

Genuine Parts. Critical to a perfect repair.

Are your parts the highest quality?

Yes, Fixpod only use the highest quality aftermarket parts, as this is the only way to ensure a top quality job.  
We offer the longest warranties, and can do this by offering repairs we know will be
perfect once completed.

Do you have parts in stock?


We always have parts in stock for the repairs we offer.  There is no need to confirm this -
we make sure never run out of parts. 

Do you sell parts? I’m sure I can do it myself.

No, we do not sell parts, as the highest quality parts are very difficult to source.  Fixpod only provide repair services.

Should I be weary of buying parts on eBay?

eBay parts are unfortunately the lowest quality available. It makes sense - sellers on eBay
are never going to see you again, so don't really care about providing quality parts. We
have seen plastic digitisers, plastic replacement glass with no digitiser attached (they're
supposed to be an integrated piece), and all manner of counterfeit rubbish customers
have brought in to show us.  

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