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Frequently asked questions.

Repair diagnosis.Not sure what’s broken?

What models do you repair?

We repair the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, the iPod Touch 2nd generation,
the iPod Touch 3rd generation and the iPod Touch 4th generation. We do not repair any
other devices, as we stick to the repairs we are 100% confident we can fix perfectly and
offer our industry leading warranty on. If you are unsure, please have a look at our
model diagnosis page (scroll to the bottom of the page).

I have read through your repairs and I am not sure whats wrong with my product!
Can you look at it for me and find out whats wrong?

Fixpod do not have a Quote service. As such, if the issues you are experiencing do not
match the descriptions listed under your model, Fixpod do not do the repair
necessary to fix your item.

My iPhone/iPod has been water damaged! Can you fix it for me?

Fixpod does not deal with any form of water damaged product. If your product has been
affected by water, alcohol, hot drinks, salt water or chlorine of any kind, we suggest
looking at our recommended solutions below.

I’m not really sure if this is the right repair, but I booked it in anyway!
Can you change it for me if its listed under the wrong repair?

Fixpod do not have a Quote service. If you cannot easily match the issues that you are
having with your product with our repair descriptions, then chances are Fixpod do not
deal with the repair needed to fix your product, and we will have to charge an
administration fee to return your iPhone or iPod if it is not a repair we offer.

The repair I need is not listed in your repairs.  Can you fix it for me?

Fixpod stick to the repairs we are confident we can fix perfectly.  For other repairs, see our
recommended solutions below.

Repairs we don’t do. Our recommended solutions.

Liquid damage repairs:

Fixpod recommends contacting Apple on 133 622, to organise an Out-Of-Warranty
exchange.  For liquid damaged phones, Apple have a replacement policy that is far superior
to repairing your damaged phone.  It is impossible to be certain that repaired liquid
/ damaged will continue to give trouble-free operation, so Apple's exchange policy is the best option.

Previous repair redo:

Fixpod does not repair work gone wrong from previous repairers, as it is impossible to
know exactly what the previous repairers have done.  We recommend contacting Apple on
133 622 to discuss your options.

Home repair attempt reassembly/repair:

Often damage further damage can be caused during the home disassembly process, which
can cause problems in future, or require extensive work to fix initially.  Fixpod perform
standard repairs at fixed prices, with no variation.  We recommend contacting Apple on
133 622 to discuss your options.

Battery replacement:

All too often the cause of poor battery life is actually software (the OS itself or Apps
draining power), or the phone hardware, rather than the battery itself.  We recommend
eliminating software as the cause of the problem first, by following the steps below:
1) Plug your iPhone/iPod into iTunes
2) Right click the device in the left hand pane
3) Select Back-Up from the options available
4) Click "Restore" in the main device pane
5) This is the important one - do not restore from backup; set up as new device
6) Your iPhone/iPod will now have no data on it.  Test this to see how it goes.
7) If your battery performance has improved, restore from backup, but DO NOT sync apps
8) Manually download required apps back onto iPhone/iPod through the App store (you
won't have to pay for them again)

For more detailed instructions please click here, or
contact Apple on 133 622.

Rear housing replacement:

It is very common for the rear plastic casing on the iPhone 3G and 3GS to crack.  Unfortunately,
it is impossible to source genuine rear housings or chrome bezels, and we do not
believe the aftermarket housings available are of a quality that we would be happy to
install.  The cracks often do not get worse, in which case we recommend using a protective
cover, or if you wish to have the rear housing replaced, we recommend contacting Apple
on 133 622 to discuss your options.

Not sure of repair required/quote:

In an effort to offer the most streamlined service at the lowest possible prices, we do not
offer a quote service.  Any repairs not-as-described are sent back to customers, as our
streamlined workflow is really set up for repairs we know we can complete at fixed prices,
with fast turnaround and the highest quality outcome.  Feel free to email us with a description
of what is wrong and we will do our best to assist you, or recommend the best option for you.

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